About Me

Have you ever had such a good experience with a job or service like say a mechanic, hairstylist, painter,
doctor, restaurant etc. that you feel like telling all your friends, relatives and everyone you know how great
they are?  Thats precisely the effect I hope to have for everyone I come in contact with.   Its all about paying it
forward,  recommending others for there good hard honest work and service to others and then passing on
the efforts.  We should all be rewarded by the good that we do for each other.  I hope my experience and
dedication can help you find the home that you are looking for.  I pride myself in doing what is right for my
clients.  Sometimes the decision of buying a home is somewhat challenging, but I believe with my knowledge
and expertise we can figure out what home or investment is right together.  I primarily work from referrals
from past and present clients so I can assure that you will be as impressed or more as the others that have
already used my services.  

Growing up in the Midwest, I bring a strong work ethic with lots of knowledge and patience.   My Geography
degree from UW-Oshkosh has helped in understanding demographics of people, urban/rural development,
analyzing land and water and of course the ability to read a map comes in handy as a Realtor.  After college I
used my Geography degree and  utilized my cartography abilities for AAA travel. Although not involved in
making maps anymore I do love to travel and see different places.   Prior to working as a Realtor I had been
doing mortgages as a loan officer for almost 10 years.  The transition from Mortgage to Real Estate has helped
me understand both ends of the buying and selling process as well as helping explain to clients the different
types of financing options.  I am passionate about helping others and I find Real Estate to be the perfect
profession that enhances my abilities and personality. Other interests of mine include staying active while
participating in sports namely baseball, football and golf which is probably where I get my competitive drive
from.  In college I played football at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and UW-Oshkosh. Now I regularily
hike and particate in group interval training at OrangeTheory Fitness.  When I am not working I am usually
spending time with my wife, 2 sons and our dog. Thanks for taking time to get to know me! Hope to learn more
about you and I sincerely hope to help with all your Real Estate needs!
““When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so
long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the
ones which open for us.” --Alexander Graham Bell.”
Thomas Bartz
Thomas Bartz