My mission as your agent:

I pride myself in being Professional and doing what is right for all of my clients.  I want to use my knowledge
and expertise to make the home buying and selling experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.  Buying a
home is one of the biggest decisions in someones life and like all life changing decisions planning, dedication
and determination to the task is important and crucial.   I will provide the plan, you provide the dream.
What you should know:

Helpful hints on buying a home. Sit down and write out everything you want in a home or investment. Is it short
term or long term?  Is it a starter home? Where do want to live? How far would you drive to work? Bus lines
and alternative transportation nearby? How much can I/we afford? What do we qualify for? Do we want 2,3
or 4 beds? How many baths? Single level home or Two Story? Low maintenance, Condo or House? Retirement
Home or Vacation home? Gated or non-gated Community?  Home Owners Association or no HOA?  You can
also use some of my helpful links below to find more information.
How we will work together:

We will meet together and answer any questions you may have.  I will listen to your concerns, questions and
try my best to understand what is important.  We will get a plan that suits your style and timeframe.  Based on
what you desire we will together search for the home and provide feedback on homes that fit your criteria.
Many times we may need to adjust criteria we are searching for in a home after finding out what works and
does not work.  Adjusting criteria along the way is fine and sometimes extremely important because it can
narrow the choices and help the buyer find exactly what they are looking for.  Together we will help make the
process as easy as possible.

The same dedication and desire that goes into buying a house is needed by a Realtor to sell your house
as well.  The difference is we have one house to sell and many buyers to sell it to.   The trick is having the
knowledge and support of a Real Estate agent to work to make your house stand out from the rest.  In todays
market there are so many houses for sale that preparation to sell is crucial.  Sellers must make the 1st
impression the best impression because buyers will not come back if they do not like what they see. I will help  
put the "SOLD" sign on your house as quick as I can.  Below are a few tips to selling a house.

Just as buying is a difficult process selling can be just as difficult or even more so.  Aside from the help that a
professional can bring there are also some basic things that a seller should know before putting the home on
the market. You must put yourself in the buyers shoes and think like a buyer. First and Foremost the house has
to be priced right.  Pricing your house to high can limit the amount of traffic that comes through to look at your
house and cause the buyer to buy the lower priced house down the street without even looking at yours.  On
the other hand pricing your house to low can leave money on the table that you would have otherwise
profited. Again this is where a professional benefits you the most,  experienced Realtors understand the local
market and what houses are selling at. Other things you may ask yourself:  What features of your house make
it attractive?  Why would someone buy your property? What things need to be fixed before putting house on
the market? Whats the cost for repairs and is it worth it?  What did the old neighbors sell there house for?  
There are so many things to consider but the main point is hire a professional and let them help you list the
house. Give me a call for more tips and for an appointment to sell.   

Thomas Bartz
Thomas Bartz
Thomas Bartz